Welcome to the Wonderful World Electronica Music of noaccordion.


World Electronica is our Passion

Celebrating diversity by amplifying extraordinary voices to form a deeper understanding and connection that promotes equal opportunity for all. Transforming fear, anxiety, anger and hatred into love, compassion, creativity and sensitivity.

What can our world electronica music offer you?

Our music retains you in the moment, nests you in a focused state and invites you on an inner journey of self-discovery. Our sounds stir up and release emotions as they cleanse with vibration. Our lyrics assist you to gain a deeper understanding and connection to yourself. Our musical tracks encourage more respect and mindfulness as they deliver positive universal messages through extraordinary voices to your consciousness and subconscious. Our songs entice you into meditation, maintain you fully present and sculpt you into a better listener. Our beats bring you joy, laughter, playfulness and make you move your body. Our unique combinations plant you in a state of inquiry and inspire you to ponder new possibilities. Our sonic vibrations help transform what no longer serves you and create room for healthy abundance.

About World Electronica


When multi-instrumentalist Onah Indigo first picked up the accordion, she had to put it down. It was heavy, awkward, annoying.

Yet eventually, she found an idiosyncratic stance that puts the instrument center stage, while defying its limitations. Like the push and pull of bellows, this tension generates a quirky blast of energy. Add club beats, underground MCs, freaky variations on deceptively familiar keys, a bit of surrealist wit, and a rebellious fight for greater openness, and you have noaccordion.

Onah Indigo is a woman warrior, producer, songwriter, musical story teller and performer who isn’t afraid to face an audience armed with only her accordion, Bella, and a heart full of song.

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Music Photos


Over the years noaccordion has had the chance to work with some world class photographers including the famous rock and roll photographer Guy Webster(Doors, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan). Guy is long time friend who shot many photos for albums and pinup calenders.  Onah was also able gain valuable advice and guidance from Guy regarding portrait photography.

Onah has also collaborated a couple of times with high fashion photographer Sequoia Emmanuelle(Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Photobook) which landed her an article in oakland Magazine. Some years back she worked with cutting edge underground photographer Derick Ion(Morrissey, Beats Antique) who plays with sepia tones and a vintage vibe.

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World Electronica Music


Noaccordion has performed hundreds of live shows over the last ten years. Onah Indigo is known to create elaborate productions for New Release Parties that can include up to six world electronica music performances on stage and a crew of 15 support people. These performances include drummers, percussionists, instrumentalists, extraordinary voices, dancers, and visual artists.

Most of the performers are seasoned artists and have been working in and around the Bay Area for many years. Some of noaccordion’s most consistent collaborators are drummers and vocalists. During the last few years we have been working with more and more dancers and visual artists as well.

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Listen to World Electronica


Noaccordion has released 5 Ep’s and 3 LP’s since it was founded in 2009. Noaccordion’s catalog of world electronica music is available on all major music platforms worldwide. Common instruments used are piano, hammond B3 organ, synthesizers, accordion, live percussion and 808 Bass. Bandcamp is the most generous platform when it comes to allocating a fair share of the profits to the artist. Listen to our entire catalog on bandcamp and become a community member.

World Electronica Performance Blog


Keep you up to date with our lastest news regarding noaccordion’s world electronica performance, music releases, collaborators, inspirations, shows and creative processes.  Our blog features entertaining behind the scenes footage, exclusive creative content and rare musical interviews.

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World Electronica Lyrics


The lyrics behind the songs of noaccordion are very important to us.  We believe that the messages that we put out into the world deeply affect ourselves and others therefor we are careful what intentions are behind each song. These new world electronic tunes are consciously crafted bearing the messages of authentic emotions, human experience and positive change. Check out our Lyric Videos.