clinging to the pastfeeling rejected at the moment,  washed over by these emotions of sadness and anger, i feel lonely, an outcast, and then i remind myself that i really enjoy alot of time alone as well, and that the main reason that i am feeling rejected is that i had attachments to how things would play out, it seems that each time i have an enjoyable intimate connection with someone i want to repeat the experience but the other doesnt always want that, it reminds me of how special it is when we do connect, that somehow we r in sync for a time, but that time could be very short, trying to stay present but constantly revisiting pleasurable and sometimes painful recent experiences, acknowledging and  letting go of attachments daily..

clinging to the past (osho zen tarot):these tenses-past,present and future-are not the tenses of time; they are tenses of the mind.  that which is no longer before the mind becomes the past. that which is before the mind is the present. and that which is going to be before the mind is the future. past is that which is no longer before you. future is that which is not yet before you.  and present is that which is before you and is slipping out of your sight, soon it will be past……if you dont cling to the past……because clinging to the past is absolute stupidity.  it is no longer there, so you are crying for spilt milk.  what is gone is gone!  and dont cling to the present because that is also going and soon will pass.  dont cling to the future-hopes, imaginations, plans for tomorrow-because tomorrow will become today, will become yesterday.  everything is going to go out of your hands.  clinging will simply create misery. you will have to let go.


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