accordion babes pinup calendar

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accordion babes pinup calendar

accordion babes pinup calendar

Heroes, Villains and Divas

Come spend a little time with the Accordion Babes, those sexy sirens of the squeezebox with songs to sing

and tales to tell! This year they are heroes, villains and divas; a panoply of muses to enliven your seasons

and mesmerize you with melodies in this exiting 5th edition of the Accordion Babes Album & Pin-Up Calendar.

The Accordion Babes CD gives you a chance to hear their music. Prepare to be amused, astonished and inspired!

The beautiful, spunky women that grace these pages are more than just babes; they are independent artists

with wit, soul, and passion.

I’m in this year’s calendar and so excited to start to meet all the other babes, most of who are local.

3 of these calendar girls will be perform at the Aries Party.


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