Noaccordion plays The Precipice Gathering tomorrow nite

If you are not there already, come on out into the hills of Santa Cruz and check out Noaccordion’s set at “The Precipice Gathering” tomorrow evening

We offer a different form of congregation, working to change the meaning of human interaction from one based upon the party and celebration to one based around the community, the people, and the actions we take in this collective experience. ​​

Set on the top of Mt. Madonna, in the Mountains of Los Gatos, CA, you are surrounded by lush forest and clearings, providing an intimate setting for live installations, performances, painting, and interactions between all who join our community.​​

Here, we ask you to explore yourself! Join in our workshops, paint on our designated canvases, play melodically in our jam shack, create conversation and initiate the change you wish to see in the world! Be poetic, romantic, artistic, altruistic, eccentric, supportive, and revolutionary as we work to change the fundamental way in which we imagine and create the world we live in.

The Precipice is this stepping stone.​

Providing the step for revolutionaries and visionaries alike to converge in a celebration of intellectual manifestation. ​

In this small, intimate place we provide the space

filled with nothing but the intention to entertain self exploration and inner alchemy ​

to become more than we have allowed ourselves to be under the umbrella of individualism.


​June 21, 22, 23, 24, 2013

Mt. Madonna, Los Gatos, CA

4 days. 3 nites. Under a full Moon of Stars… Flesh and heaven. Local heroes united with the magnificent Morgan Sorne ….. Uncharted performances upon our antiqued unique gypsy stages alive with altars , Hobo shacks… Shaman Lodges …. honoring the Sri Satya Yuga …. The Age of Truth. Culminating on Sunday night with an all star mash-up of all our artists free flowing as one… “The precipice of chance orchestra” and nightly darkly spells cast by the only one that can….

Andrew Jones and Phadroid.

Tarran Gabriel the Tailor.


Sebastian Edmonds.

The Feldthouse Family.
Dirty Lix.

Little Jon.


Ra So.

Preshanti De Jagar
Stolen moments between life and death as moved by … Bad Unkl Sista.
Also not to be missed… Morning Tantra imbedded into Traditional Archery and Vital Form . Daily workshops by the above mentioned. This is new never done before… The edge of the end and the beginning of what we demand as real people with honest desires for family. Only 200 tickets available. Tell everyone interested, more events to come!

June 20-24. Cafe chai fruit flesh curry coconut cacao vegi indian thai styles abound ! Natural Camping . No VIP section. No backstage! We are all equally divine and dirty.5a9e1d_cb81f0c72d098b61270abbecc4e2a113.png_srz_389_599_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

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