Constellation Bounce Party Photos

Noaccordion performs live music at East Bay Community Space in Oakland California. This was an LP Release Party to debut the new album “Surrender” and featured collaborations with MC’s Mastahlock and Chatterbox.  Lael Marie joined us with her serpent dance and Treestar treated us to a dance with the cahone. Karla Palmino jumped on stage and slao shared her unique dance form. Deidra Alezander did hair, makeup and wardrobe and Kevin Spinner created live visuals. Korise Big Tunes Jubert and and Greg Gorden helped record and live stream the event. Yoga Balls filled the space and created a playful fun enviroment for people to move to the music and interact with eachother. These yoga balls are called Orbs and this is their origin story. Long long ago the Unisverse consisted of solid, silent clusters of purple, blue and silver orbs neatly organized, still and seperated by color. One day an orb burbed unexpectedly and sent out the first sonic frequency ever heard in the Universe. This low bass sound set off a series of harmonic bounces throughout the orbs and more and more and more orbs began to groove. The energy continued to rise creating chaotic connection, through this the cosmic color, super sonic, many movement world was born. Over a hundred people turned up for this event and elixirs were served behind the bar.  Cloud Nine provided their purple sound system which added alot of bass to the mix.  Hernan Cortez was the sound engineer and he brought along his son to help as a stage hand. Jalau Dell was the stage manager and she did an amaxing job working with new acts almost every song.  The set lasted two hours and started off with a short fifteen minute beatbox and accordion set featuring Onah Indigo and Mastahlock.

This LP Release Party took place at the East Bay Community Space. About twenty people made up the production team and it was a few months in the making.

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