Noaccordion is currently working on a new music instrumental EP that is inspired by the works of 19th century French Composer Eric Satie focusing on his Gnossienes and Gymnopedies



Noaccordion releases new music EP called “community”


Noaccordion has just released a new EP entitled “Community”

Noaccordion’s 3rd EP embraces a “time traveler, tribal, triphop” vibe and features heavily effected vocals, peculiar harmonies, local MCs and many elements of Electronic Dance Music.  This EP includes accordion on only one song and marks Noaccordion’s leap into the Electronica Genre. Onah Indigo generated all of the beats, played all instruments, and only brought in 2 collaborators for this project who were local MCs Taj Angelo and Chatter. They each helped co write lyrics for a song. This EP was produced, recorded and mixed by Onah in her home studio in Oakland, California and mastered by the Humble Grove in Australia.

fletcher henderson

[audio:|titles=03 Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra with Coleman Hawkins, King Porter Stomp, 1932]

Fletcher Henderson was an amazing swing band composer that in his later years sold all his music to Benny Goodman.

duke ellington

[audio:|titles=10 Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, The Mooche, 1930]

The Duke picked the right players with the right style and then let them do there thing.  He was innovative with his compositions as he played with tone and unusual instrumentation.