Learning Some Code

cactus flowersWell I’m finally learning some HTML and CSS with the help of www.Lynda.com and and a Head Start Book. It was rough going for a while. I guess its like learning another language but I am finally starting to make sense of it a little bit. I did some straight editing today on this web site and quite easily and quickly I made the changes I wanted. Using WordPress as a content management system is powerful and user friendly so far. I’m starting to tweak this template to suit my liking and info on how to do it is available on the web. I am finally joining the web community as a blogger/site designer and I am excited about all the new friends I will be making and all the creativity that we will be sharing.

Hello I’m new to this

web tube compreesorHello my name is Onah and this is my first day with a website up and running. I  just finished learning how to self host a wordpress site and now I’m just starting to tweak the theme and add content.  I’m just starting to learn XHTML and CSS.  It’s gonna take me a little while before I learn how to design it the way I want it.  This website will be promoting my visual and sonic art as well as referring to other artists’ work who inspire me.