Music Video for Mama Nature

A music video for mother nature was in order so Onah Indigo from noaccordion and Jonathan Youtt from The Sustainable Living Road Show/The Big Tadoo Puppet Crew joined forces one summer. They met at Puppet Plex in Berkeley, California to film the Green Screen puppet portion for noaccordion's Mama Nature music video.  Jesse and SirraumRead More »Music Video for Mama Nature

World Electronica that Creates a Sonic Sanctuary

Sonic Sanctuary: noaccordion Turns South Indian Chant into Blissed-Out, Minimal World Electronica Trap on Gurukula It took years for noaccordion’s Onah Indigo to realize that the crickets chirped at just the right BPM for a great trap track. The Oakland-based electronic musician and accordion maverick had made a slew of recordings during an extended tripRead More »World Electronica that Creates a Sonic Sanctuary

Puppet Music Video Premieres on Earthday

This is a Puppet Service Announcement regarding the release of the music video for the track Mama Nature. Onah Indigo, the joyful troublemaker behind the electronic/accordion-expanding project noaccordion, was plotting a video for her latest release, Love Warrior. The Oakland-based artist knew she wanted to do something uplifting and fun. The answer: Puppets. “I’d seenRead More »Puppet Music Video Premieres on Earthday