accordion babes pinup calendar

accordion babes pinup calendar
accordion babes pinup calendar
Heroes, Villains and Divas

Come spend a little time with the Accordion Babes, those sexy sirens of the squeezebox with songs to sing

and tales to tell! This year they are heroes, villains and divas; a panoply of muses to enliven your seasons

and mesmerize you with melodies in this exiting 5th edition of the Accordion Babes Album & Pin-Up Calendar.

The Accordion Babes CD gives you a chance to hear their music. Prepare to be amused, astonished and inspired!

The beautiful, spunky women that grace these pages are more than just babes; they are independent artists

with wit, soul, and passion.

I’m in this year’s calendar and so excited to start to meet all the other babes, most of who are local.

3 of these calendar girls will be perform at the Aries Party.


shoot down babylon- east bay archery


my dear friends derick and micah have taken up archery and

have gotten quite a “buzz” going, my 13yr old daughter is learning quick,

the setting is beautiful, redwoods, snacks, fire and great community

join their face book group SHOOT DOWN BABYLON

every mon and wed archery range chabot science center, oakland 3-530 pm $20

every thu cloud 9 9th st and gilman st, berkeley 7 pm onwards $10