get your wp blog posts sinked to your facebook wall

comp advicei just spent a day figuring how to link my wp blog posts to my facebook wall, now when ever i post on my blog it automatically goes to my profile, page and twitter account, it took a bit of tweaking the code, all info is on the internet heres a few links tp get started, ask me any questions as well if you like

Thanks for coming to my party and listening to music!!!

Gratitude to all the people who came out to celebrate my new cd!! Special thanks to the young artists who contributed their art works and all the people who took a very active role in the entertainment, documentation and decoration: Diana, Ryan, Sophie(the dog), Joanne, Amanda, DJ Toby, Cristal, Robbie, Suburbanoid Fatties, Freya, Jalua, Teph, Clay, DEPT, K8, Sean Ingoldsby, Joel, Josh, Leanne(lighting), Khalil, my dad, Lucas and James (paparazzi), Chris Bliss, Dana and Bill…………..:):):):)

cd release flyer